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Philadelphia’s Top Cosmetic Dentists

At The Dental Spa, you will be treated to a unique experience that centers on taking exceptional care of you and your dental needs. Not unlike a regular spa, at The Dental Spa, you will find an extremely competent and caring team of dental professionals who pride themselves in understanding and listening to your needs. Our focus is truly all about you and making your Smile beautiful.

Dr. Jeremy D. Kay, Dr. Harold B. Yaffe and Dr. Paul J. Berson, the SMILE Architects, have been working together for over 25 years in creating this very special place. The Dental Spa environment is dedicated to your total comfort… with soft music, warm scented towels, pillows, blankets and state of the art treatment areas. Now, you can truly experience the very best in dental care and feel good too! Many of our patients actually look forward to their time here with us – we know you will too.

Widely recognized among the Philadelphia region’s top cosmetic dentists, Dr. Kay, Dr. Yaffe and Dr. Berson are making the Delaware Valley more beautiful, one smile at a time.

Philadelphia’s Top Cosmetic Dentists

Our Services

The Dental Spa is proud to offer new digital dentures from AvaDent. While normal dentures can take 6 office visits to fit, AvaDent dentures can be perfectly tailored in two appointments. Because AvaDent dentures are computer designed, they offer a more natural look and feel and a more precise fit than traditional dentures. Visit the AvaDent Digital Dentures page for more information.

The Dental Spa is now offering Invisalign treatments. Both Dr. Yaffe and Dr. Berson have been trained and certified with Invisalign, and our patients and staff have all been so pleased with the speed and outcome of this treatment. Call us at 215-567-0800 or visit our Invisalign treatment page for more information on how our adult patients are getting the straight, healthy teeth they’ve always wanted.

Are you looking to improve your smile without the use of braces or whiteners? Do you want a faster, more permanent solution to brightening your smile?

Then you should consider LUMINEERS from The Dental Spa. In just two visits, you can have a permanently whiter and beautiful smile without painful shots, drilling or pain. Read More.

Porcelain veneers are used to cover a tooth’s facial (or front) surface, providing the appearance of straighter, whiter teeth for people with worn, crooked or stained teeth. Veneers are often used in place of crowns because they resist staining, reflect light and are among the strongest and most natural looking restoration available. Read More.

The Dental Spa is offering new hope to patients suffering with dentures.  Mini Implants, an exciting new procedure, can secure existing dentures without the use of adhesives, or implants that can take up to six months to heal.  The typical Mini Implant procedure is completed in a single, virtually pain-free visit, with the patient eating happily like never before in just a few hours.  The best part is Mini Implants cost a fraction of traditional implants. Read More.

Like veneers, bonding and fillings can help rejuvenate your smile by changing the shape and color of teeth, and eliminate unattractive spaces. This procedure uses tooth-colored dental resins and composites to repair chipped or broken teeth and cover up unsightly stains. Unlike crowns or caps, direct bonding requires only a minimal amount of tooth reduction, thus making it a very conservative procedure. Read More.

PowerWhitening is a unique tooth whitening technique pioneered by the Dental Spa.  Previously, teeth that were either gray, spotty with different colors, or disfigured from tetracycline staining could not be whitened. Now, the Dental Spa has discovered a breakthrough in whitening these conditions. Read More.

Much more aesthetically pleasing than bridges or partial dentures, implants are mainly used to replace missing teeth and can also support dentures and prevent the bone loss and facial aging often caused by unsupported dentures. Read More.

A bridge is used to replace missing teeth and provides an alternative means to more expensive dental implants or even dentures. Some bridges are removable, but most are permanent or “fixed.” To install them, our dentists first cut down the adjacent teeth and fit them with crowns. Read More.

Many people have gum disease without symptoms. Regular periodontal exams and dental cleanings are critical in maintaining healthy gums. Read More.

Do you suffer from tension headaches due to jaw clenching? We can help! Contact us to learn more about how we can help to relieve your tension headache pain.

The Branson Bar, only found at the Dental Spa, simply solves all the problems of the partial denture:

  • No Implants
  • No Metal Clasps
  • No Movement to cause Irritation
  • No Coverage of the Upper Palate
  • No Metal Bar on the Lower Palate

Read More

Instant Orthodontics includes a combination of the most advanced restorative procedures, sometimes involving all-porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays, on lays and tooth colored resins. Read More

Our orthodontic services are geared to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile at almost any age. Actually, one in five people currently receiving such treatments are over age 18. Read More.

For some, bad breath is a way of life. At The Dental Spa we can help manage bad breath, or Oral Malodor, through our professional Breath Care products. Read More.

Client Reviews

“I can see why the Four Seasons referred me to your office! The level of care and professionalism I received was unparalleled.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my new smile. You did a wonderful job. I finally got the smile that I have always wanted!”

“Thank you for attending to my “emergency” situation on your day off! It’s hard to believe that dentist like you exist; and words alone can never fully express my appreciation for what you did.”

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