An In-Depth Review of Sedation Dentistry

An In-Depth Review of Sedation Dentistry

May 21, 2022

Are you considering cosmetic dental procedures but are fearful of visiting the dentist because of dental phobia? The cosmetic dentist in Bryn Mawr can help you by providing comfortable cosmetic dentistry procedures with you having no recollection of the treatment. The dentist makes use of sedation dentistry to help you overcome your dental phobia to receive the essential dental care you need without fear.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation is a procedure helpful to establish a calm and relaxed state by using sedatives. You receive sedatives like depressants, tranquilizers, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide delivered in various ways. Earlier IV sedation with sedatives delivered via injections to the arm was predominant when sedating patients.

While IV sedation is safe and effective when administered by a trained professional, sedation dentistry delivers a more conducive and relaxing experience. Currently, you have alternatives to the traditional methods of inhalation and intravenous sedation, offering a no-needle approach that you might find appealing.

Oral dental sedation is the most common technique used in the United States and Canada to quell dental phobia. The technique is comfortable, requiring no needles and the medications create a relaxing experience to ensure you don’t recollect the visit.

How Is Sedation Dentistry Used?

The dentist providing cosmetic dental care uses dental sedation to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience to enable you to receive the treatment you need. Dental sedation allows many people too scared to visit dentists to receive the dental care required by avoiding the common apprehension of dental phobia.

The dental organization for conscious sedation states nearly 30 percent of the population avoid dental visits due to fear. The all too common dental phobia inhibits people from receiving routine dental care and compromises the health and functionality of their mouth and smile.

How Do You Feel When Receiving Treatment under Sedation Dentistry?

As a patient, you will likely feel that you slept through the treatment without realizing oral sedation dentistry maintains consciousness levels for your safety and cooperation. It would help if you understood sedation dentistry in Philadelphia doesn’t eliminate the use of anesthetic injections. Instead, sedation dentistry increases your pain threshold, and when the dentist injects local anesthesia in your mouth, you don’t feel the injection because you are comfortably sedated. Therefore you will likely not bother yourself about the sensation of the injection or even remember it.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

One of the advantages of sedation dentistry is that you feel your dental procedure lasted for a few minutes when the dentist may have taken hours to perform. Therefore sedation dentistry makes complicated dental procedures like smile makeovers and extensive rebuilding procedures requiring multiple visits to dentists completed in fewer appointments.

If you are reluctant to change your smile’s appearance because of anxiousness about undergoing lengthy and complicated dental procedures, sedation dentistry can relax you during the treatment to help you achieve a smile you will proudly display.

Furthermore, sedation dentistry addresses the fears that keep you from going to your dentist frequently for routine visits. Therefore you are more likely to receive the recommended care by your dentist without neglecting your oral health or allowing oral health issues to accumulate to the point where extensive dental treatments become necessary.

Sedation Dentistry Isn’t Sleep Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is often dubbed by the misleading term sleep dentistry. In reality, you are not asleep during your treatments. However, the effects of the medications merely make you feel sleepy. Sedation dentistry enables the professional to keep you awake throughout your procedure while you are relaxed and likely not to remember anything about your treatment. Therefore using general anesthesia is not similar to sedation dentistry.

Modalities of Sedation Dentistry

The sedatives used for sedation dentistry vary in strength. Your dentist selects the dental sedation option best suited for your specific situation, depending on the duration of your procedure and your anxiety levels. Although the dentist is the ultimate determinant of what sedatives to use, you can request stronger medications if you suffer from severe dental anxiety.

You might receive sedation levels from mild, moderate, or deep according to the procedure you are undergoing. Therefore you must have a friend or family member driving you to and from the dental facility because the medications delivered make you incapable of operating vehicles and machinery.

If you fear dentists because of your dental phobia, The Dental Spa Main Line can provide dental sedation to help you overcome your anxiousness. Kindly contact the dental facility to receive the treatments you need to improve your smile.

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