AvaDent® Digital Dentures

AvaDent® Digital Dentures

Dec 01, 2019

Technology has greatly influenced different fields of life, including that of dentistry. Patients’ needs are now better met, and problems resolved thanks to technological intervention. In light of that, new technology has come up to bridge the gap between patients and missing teeth.

Given that a vast number of the world’s population do not have teeth, AvaDent digital dentures are an incredible addition to dentistry. They represent removable prosthetics that are created for aesthetic improvement. AvaDent is a name derived from two words – ‘Ava’ to mean rebirth and ‘Dent’ to mean dentition. They are the first digital prosthetics in the world that are highly in use by dentists in Philadelphia, PA.

What Are The Consequences Of Tooth Loss?

Without understanding how problematic losing teeth is, you may underestimate the value of dentures in Philadelphia, PA. Sport’s injuries, accidents, and aging are the major causes of losing teeth. The number of toothless people in the world keeps increasing decade after decade. Some of the consequences of tooth loss include:

  • Problems chewing – teeth are solely responsible for breaking down food substances into sizes that can easily be swallowed.
  • Speech problems – unless you are missing multiple teeth, you may never appreciate their role in speech. People without teeth have a hard time articulating words and pronouncing them.
  • Facial structure problems – the teeth provide ample support for the cheeks. Without them, the face loses structure and form. This affects the cosmetic appearance thereof.
  • Poor nutrition – with difficulties chewing, most toothless people settle for soft foods. The soft foods may not be adequate to provide the necessary nutrients for their bodies.

Why Dentures Are Used

Clearly, living without teeth is settling for poor quality of life. Dentures are a solution to multiple missing teeth. They provide artificial replacement of teeth. However, unless with proper care, they are disadvantageous:

  • Readjustment issues – with time, the gum tissue may shrink. This is primarily if proper healing did not occur before you got the dentures. The readjustment issues can be such a bother for patients.
  • High risks of infection – people with dentures hardly take good care of them, for the reason that they are not their natural teeth. However, without proper maintenance, dentures can pose other health issues. The risks of infections are high, with oral problems such as angular cheilitis, denture stomatitis, or Candida albicans.

Why Opt For AvaDent Dentures?

AvaDent dentures are a digital solution to dentures. They increase the accuracy and effectiveness of typical dentures. They also make sure your trips to a dentist near you are fewer than they generally would be. Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  • They can be created during the first visit – AvaDent dentures ensure high productivity in the dental clinics. On the very first visit, the dentist in charge can start fabricating dentures for you. The second visit will only be necessary for installation.
  • Digital intervention – these dentures invoke the power of technology. The use of laser scanners and computer design software makes all the workflow digital. The digital calculation of the teeth structure and positioning allows for accuracy within the shortest period. A 3D viewer makes the dentist’s work even easier to avoid unnecessary readjustment issues in the future.
  • AvaDent digital records – all information for these dentures is stored digitally. This assures better security, not to mention convenience when addressing patients’ needs. Besides, a digital record makes it easier for a dentist to create a solid treatment plan unique for every patient.
  • Versatility in the available options – like other dentures, these digital dentures can serve different purposes. There are immediate dentures for temporal use, as well as implant-supported dentures for more permanency and support.
  • Reduced patient involvement – the fabrication of these digital dentures does not require the active involvement of patients. To create the removable prosthetics, you only require the impressions of the patients, and then the use of the AvaDent Measurement Device (AMD). Once you record that information, the dentures will be created digitally and be an exceptional fit for the patients.


There is a lot to be grateful for when it comes to technology. Its intervention in the field of dentistry has had several ground-breaking breakthroughs that are transforming lives, one smile at a time. With simplified denture fabrication. You have no reason to be afraid of this new technology.

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