Dental implants and how crucial replacing teeth really is

Dental implants and how crucial replacing teeth really is

Aug 16, 2019

A dental implant is a tiny and strong titanium alloy screw which is used to replace damaged or missing natural teeth surgically. The screw is drilled into the jawbone so it can firmly connect the artificial teeth or any other dental prosthesis to the jaw.

Implants can also be used to provide support to loose and removable dentures. Now, you know what dental implant is; let’s learn why it is important to replace lost or badly damaged teeth.


Though you have all the teeth in place but a single missing tooth can put a lot of emotional stress on us. Everybody is concerned about appearance as it affects confidence.

Nobody wants to lose a perfect smile because of a missing tooth. Dental implants are an effective way of boosting the patient’s morale and overall confidence. There will be no difference visible between a replaced tooth and a natural one but significantly affects the physical appearance.

Oral Health

If a tooth is lost the entire dental structure gets disturbed. The gap created allows the remaining teeth to tilt and shift which could be a result of normal regular chewing.

This could also lead to further oral problems. It disturbs the patient’s chewing abilities. It is possible that losing multiple teeth may result in bone loss.

The Comfort

If all the teeth are in place, you will probably not have an idea if any hard piece of food stuck in-between the exposed root of the missing molar and an existing one.

When you lose a tooth, it impacts your feeling in general as you have not experienced missing tooth. It makes you feel uncomfortable and keeps on disturbing every time you eat. Many people leave eating meat as it causes pain and discomfort. Due to this, people stop enjoying their life.

Consult the dentist and ask about the dental procedure for getting implants. The procedure is not painful and the dentist will numb the area to avoid discomfort.

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