Get the Protection of Dental Sealants with Your Family Dentist in Philadelphia

Get the Protection of Dental Sealants with Your Family Dentist in Philadelphia

May 01, 2019

As a parent, nothing is more important than the child’s health and well-being. For promoting them both you need to work hard to teach proper oral hygiene habits at home along with maintaining preventive appointments with a cosmetic dentist in Philly for setting the foundation for healthy teeth and gums. Even after maintaining these two, your child can still be susceptible to tooth decay. It’s a chronic condition not only in adults but also in children which can be easily prevented. You can protect your child’s teeth with the help of dental sealants from the best Cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth from Decay

Oral hygiene habits are leaned over the period of time and they often don’t clean their teeth properly which makes them prone to decay. Also, they are not aware of the importance of cleaning. When teeth are not cleaned properly, it leads to the accumulation of food debris and plaque. For protecting the children’s teeth from decaying, dental sealants can prove to be the best form of protection.

The sealants act as a protective barrier for keeping the bacteria and food particles away from the tooth. They help in reducing as much as 80% of the cavity.

Benefit from Dental Sealants

It’s best to have the dental sealants applied on the molars when the child turns 6 or 7. It’s recommended that they are applied around the age of 12 to continue protecting the teeth. The procedure is simple and pain-free and can be performed during dental cleaning sessions with a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia for protecting your child’s teeth from decay.

Dentist Near Me for Dental Sealants

To make sure that your child’s smile remains healthy and beautiful, you must ask your dentist about the benefits of sealants during the next appointment. With right care you can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

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