How to Improve Your Smile Through Dental Bonding

How to Improve Your Smile Through Dental Bonding

Dec 01, 2022

Everyone desires a perfect smile. However, it may seem impossible due to issues like genetics, dental trauma, or diseases. The good news is anyone can have an ideal smile due to innovative dental developments in cosmetic dentistry. Dental bonding is one of the methods used by dentists to improve smiles. Read on to learn how dental bonding in Philadelphia, PA, helps perfect a smile.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Your teeth can be affected by several issues that make them unattractive. For example, they may discolor, wear, chip, crack or decay. Your smile can also be marred by issues like gaps between teeth, gum disease, or unevenly shaped teeth.

When you have such issues, the dentist may recommend repairing your teeth through a dental bonding procedure. Dental bonding involves fixing a tooth-colored composite material on the tooth surface. The dentist will fix the material to your teeth to improve their appearance. Then, they customize the material to resemble the surrounding teeth in color.

Dental bonding is easy and affordable. It is completed in one dental visit to the cosmetic dentist in 19102. The procedure is non-invasive and preserves your tooth structure. In addition, you will not require anesthesia to undergo a dental bonding procedure. Sedation can be administered to patients with phobia or anxiety that prevents dental treatment.

How Is Dental Bonding Useful for You?

Dental bonding is helpful because it covers or corrects various tooth flaws and improves your smile. The composite material mimics the color and appearance of the tooth enamel perfectly. Therefore, dental bonding repairs several cosmetic defects in front teeth. In addition, the material bonds well, even on smooth tooth surfaces. This makes it ideal for correcting minor imperfections.

Dental bonding in Philadelphia, PA, corrects smile flaws such as:

  • Space between two teeth

Some people with gaps between their front teeth find them unappealing. The dentist will bond the composite material on the sides of the two teeth with a gap. This makes teach tooth appear wider and closes the space.

  • Chips and cracks

Your teeth may crack or chip when you have an injury to the face or bite forcefully on a hard thing. The damage to your teeth makes them misshapen or more undersized. It also increases the risk of oral health concerns like root canal infections and tooth loss. The dentist will repair the cracks or chips on your teeth through dental bonding.

  • Shorter than average teeth

A dental bonding procedure can benefit you if you have a tooth or teeth shorter than the rest. The dentist will add some dental bonding material to your tooth, making them longer. Therefore, your smiling teeth will be the same size making them aesthetically pleasing.

  • Teeth staining and discoloration

Teeth may stain due to decay, aging, food and drinks, and medicines. Stained or discolored teeth are unattractive and affect your smile. The cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia will perform teeth whitening to remove the stains. However, permanent stains will not respond to whitening. So, the dentist will use dental bonding to cover the stains giving you a whiter smile.

Caring for Your Teeth After Dental Bonding

You must take excellent care of your mouth after dental bonding by the cosmetic dentist in 19102. This will ensure that the dental bonding lasts long and does not damage or stain. Proper care and maintenance also ensure that your natural tooth does not decay.

To maintain your new smile:

  • Practice proper oral hygiene habits daily
  • Avoid chewing hard things or foods that can chip or crack your bonded teeth.
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products.
  • Reduce taking foods or drinks that can stain your teeth, such as sauces, coffee, tea, or red wine
  • Drink plenty of water to eliminate food debris and lower your mouth’s acidity. This will help prevent tooth discoloration and decay.
  • Visit the dentist regularly for dental check-ups. The dentist will clean your teeth to prevent decay and staining. They will also ensure your bonded teeth are in excellent condition by making necessary repairs or replacements.

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