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Blog by  The Dental Spa, in Philadelphia, PA
Nervous about having work done on my front teeth but had awesome results with Dr. Kay and Dr. Yaffe. Would highly recommend this office. Office staff is very pleasant and professional!
~Kelly R.

Blog by  The Dental Spa, in Philadelphia, PA
I can't recommend The Dental Spa more! I went here for a last minute whitening the week before my wedding and the dental spa was top notch. Dr. Kay helped fit me into his busy schedule and ensured I fully understood the procedure and potential side effects and impact on the big day (sensitivity etc). His staff is amazing, everyone is so friendly and attentive. They continually checked to ensure that my teeth were reacting well to the treatment and even adjusted the treatment to make sure I did not experience too much sensitivity following. All of this resulted in bright white smiles on my big day. Thank you Dental Spa!!!
~Tracy N.

Blog by  The Dental Spa, in Philadelphia, PA
Never been excited to go to a doctors office until Dr. Kay! By far the best dental practice, with the kindest, and most fun staff. I feel right at home every time I walk in, and truthfully never want to leave.
~Rachel G.

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