Partial Removable Dentures As An Effective Teeth Restoration

Partial Removable Dentures As An Effective Teeth Restoration

May 01, 2021

Dentures are typically recommended when there is a complete loss of teeth in the mouth. However, in situations where only several teeth are missing, Partial removable dentures near you become the best fit. This article will be discussing the types of available dentures to know which one best fits you.

Partial removable dentures are porcelain and plastic material custom-made from mouth models in which artificial teeth are attached and held in place by a metal framework. They usually contain the missing teeth from the patient’s mouth, I.e., one or more teeth remain in the upper and lower jaw.

Types Of Partial Dentures

Flexible Dentures

This is usually a soft plastic mold that is custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth. According to its name, this denture is flexible, lightweight, and looks like natural teeth. Flexible dentures are best suited for patients who do not want metals or acrylic dentures. They are a temporary option and are quite expensive.

Fixed bridge

This best suits people who have a few missing teeth and some natural teeth at the ends of the mouth. A fixed bridge usually stays in the mouth and is brushed and flossed like natural teeth. It has Pontic in between, which are the replacement teeth, and has one crown at both ends. However, the fixed bridge has some issues and could expose healthy teeth to tooth decay as they are meant to accept the crown because they are below.

Cast Metal Removable Partial Denture

This consists of a metal frame used to hold one or more artificial replacement teeth in place. The artificial teeth are made of acrylic resin with a framework of metal which makes them durable. This is a very popular type of denture.

Implant-supported fixed bridge.

The implant-supported fixed bridge is an option for patients who do not want to destroy their healthy teeth structure and yet have too many missing teeth that won’t allow a fixed bridge.

The bridge is carried by a chain of implants, with enough needed implants that complete the arch of teeth. The replacement tooth roots are made of bio compatible titanium.

Acrylic removable partial dentures.

This has a bulky base attached to the natural teeth with clasps made of metal. This option is a temporary solution and gives commendable results in eating and talking because of its bulky acrylic base that helps reduce the risk of breakage.

Expectations Of The Partial Removable Dentures.

Learning how to wear dentures might require a bit of practice when starting. Dentures may feel a bit weighty during the first few months of getting them, but you will get used to it. To know the areas in your mouth that need adjustment, your Dentist might ask that the dentures be worn every time. The Dentist would recommend the time duration each day that the dentures should be worn and strictly followed for great results.

When trying to adjust or adapt to the new dentures, it would be best to avoid sticky and hard food. It’s preferable to start with soft food cut into small bits while chewing evenly on both sides of the mouth to share the pressure. Eating more on one side of the mouth can lead to injury in that area.

You should also follow all the Dentist’s precautions to not end up with injuries or damage to the new dentures. It is normal to experience difficulty when trying to pronounce some words in the first few weeks, but it will only get better with time.

Before deciding to get a Removable partial denture, you should first visit your Dentist for advice and book an appointment. If you do not have a personal dentist, you can search for removable partial dentures near you to get a local listing of dental clinics near or book an appointment with a dentist.

While you can have any dentist work on your smile, you can get the best result by booking an appointment with a Dentist in Philadelphia PA, by searching for removable partial dentures in Philadelphia, PA.

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