BOTOX® in Philadelphia, PA and Bryn Mawr, PA

There are a few different options if you want to reduce wrinkles and have a great-looking face. You have a lot of at-home creams and products to help smooth out wrinkles, but one that you may have yet to think of that you can get at your local dental spa is BOTOX®. That’s right, the same treatment you’d normally go to a luxury salon for, you can get at your local dental spa. You don’t even need to look up “BOTOX near me.” Just head to our clinic for BOTOX on Bryn Mawr Avenue.

Why Get BOTOX at the Dental Spa?

BOTOX is a great way to stay wrinkle-free and keep your face looking its best, but you don’t want to get the treatment from just anywhere. Yes, some places provide BOTOX, but getting BOTOX from anywhere besides a medical doctor poses many risks. After all, BOTOX can be toxic if not used properly or if the supply of the injectable is somehow contaminated. The staff at your local dental spa are trained in using BOTOX for aesthetics. A medical facility has access to the highest quality of BOTOX (known as botulinum toxin or snake venom).

Because BOTOX is technically a toxin, patients must be only given a certain dosage for the desired effects. Too little won’t have the desired effect, and too much can cause side effects. The benefits of BOTOX are many when it is used properly, so talk with the dentist before

Benefits of BOTOX

If you’re considering BOTOX, there are several reasons to get it, even a few that you may be unaware of.

BOTOX is a cosmetic treatment to remove facial wrinkles from areas around the eyes, the forehead, and the jawline. Removing wrinkles and frown lines is one of the primary reasons people get BOTOX injections, but there are other uses for this treatment.

BOTOX is an effective treatment for TMJ (otherwise known as lockjaw). By injecting BOTOX into jaw muscles that have tightened up, it can cause the muscles to release and relieve symptoms of TMJ.

Another problem that BOTOX can help treat is migraines. An injection into the right area of the face can lessen migraine symptoms and reduce the frequency of them occurring if injections are taken regularly.

Whether you want to smooth out some wrinkles or are interested in BOTOX’s medical benefits, there are plenty of reasons to talk with our dentist today about how a BOTOX injection can improve your overall health and wellness.

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