General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA and Bryn Mawr, PA

Your general practice dentist has one job – ensure that your health is maintained. The Dental Spa takes this responsibility seriously, providing premier care from general dental professionals to patients that need it in order to keep teeth from becoming damaged or loosening in the mouth. To find a general dentist near me, look for the Dental Spa and schedule an appointment to come in for an exam and professional teeth cleaning from our dental staff. We specialize in general dentistry in Philadelphia, PA, so you are never without general dental care in your area.

General Dental Clinic Services

Our general dentistry practice offers several ways to make sure that your teeth are clean, healthy, and bright. We provide routine dental examinations and cleanings along with other dental services that can treat the root cause of issues you are experiencing with teeth. Your symptoms, whether they are teeth grinding, swelling gums, or pain in teeth, can be alleviated with proper dental care from our team of professionals.

There are even more ways to make sure your teeth look and feel the way you know they should. We also offer cosmetic dentistry services in Philadelphia to make sure that once your teeth have had the proper treatment, they can look their very best. If you have lost teeth and would like them replaced, we offer dental implants of all kinds to give you a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Protect Your Teeth

Your teeth can go through a lot of trauma over time, especially if you play sports. Injuries and accidents can lead to teeth becoming cracked, broken, or lost. When this happens, you can count on our emergency dentists to take care of your mouth and treat the injury. Mouthguards can be provided by your dentist to make sure teeth are protected at all times when playing sports or when sleeping.

For any general dentistry services in your area, visit the Dental Spa to speak with your general dentist in Philadelphia for information on how to improve the health of your teeth and make sure they last for a lifetime. Our dental practice provides general family dentistry to areas around Philadelphia, such as Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square, Fitler Square, South Philadelphia, Fishtown, Kensington, West Philadelphia, and Bryn Mawr, PA.

Call our general dental office or stop in for a visit to schedule an appointment and speak with a professional about how we can make sure your teeth are healthy and functioning properly. No matter where you are, we have qualified general dentists available to assess your oral health and provide treatment to prevent dental issues from worsening.

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