Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

Existing Dentures Can Now Be Stabilized in One Simple, Painless and Affordable Visit. 

The Dental Spa is offering new hope to patients suffering with dentures. Mini Implants, an exciting new procedure, can secure existing dentures without the use of adhesives, or implants that can take up to six months to heal. The typical Mini Implant procedure is completed in a single, virtually pain-free visit, with the patient eating happily like never before in just a few hours. The best part is Mini Implants cost a fraction of traditional implants.

Mini Implants are the perfect option for patients with dentures who do not want to go through the expense and long-term healing required for traditional implants. In the past individuals who lacked enough bone for traditional implants were subjected to expensive bone rebuilding procedures, but even patients with some bone loss can benefit from Mini Implants. In one simple procedure, we can eliminate all of the discomforting features of dentures, like the need for messy adhesives and constant adjustments.

Also, in many instances, the palate of the upper denture can be removed, thus allowing the patient to taste food naturally one again

Mini Implants are small screws that are placed below the gumline and into the bone, providing an instant anchor for full and partial dentures. The denture is often modified with rubber stops that slide over and lock on the protruding heads of the implants. With Mini Implants the denture can easily be taken in and out for cleaning.