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AvaDent Advanced Technology is Changing Dentures Forever!


Avadent Advantages at Glance:

  • Dentures in 2 appointments
  • Computer designed and milled for a Precision Fit
  • Computer enhanced aesthetics for a natural look and feel
  • Bacteria resistant to help eliminate sore spots and “denture breath”
  • Permanent digital record for duplication in case of loss or damage

AvaDent revolutionary digital dentures use digital, CAD / CAM technology to create a perfect set of realistic looking dentures in just two office visits.

The process starts with an office visit to the Dental Spa where we will create a detailed scan digital scan of your mouth. We then send that scan off to AvaDent who will take your digital records and use a computer to create virtual model of your dentures. Their innovative technology allows them to replicate the natural shape, thickness and texture of your teeth for a natural look and feel that’s impossible to achieve with traditional dentures. AvaDent Dentures recreate your unique smile.

Because AvaDent Dentures are designed and carved by computer using a detailed scan of your mouth, a perfect fit is guaranteed which ensures that you won’t experience any of the discomfort or sores associated with regular dentures.

AvaDent material is more bacteria resistant than traditional dentures reducing the risk of infection and “denture breath. The material is also pre-shrunk so that your dentures will retain their shape over time. The teeth are bonded into the denture and meet or exceed the ADA requirements for retention.

AvaDent will keep your digital dental records on file at our fabrication facility, so you should ever loose your dentures, you will be able to order an exact replica.

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"I’d like to thank you for your excellent care of me when I came in for the new filling....." - Jennifer Loving

"Thank you for the excellent care you provide. I will remember you very specially in my prayers for your goodness to me." - Sister Maria Benedetta

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new smile. You did a wonderful job. I finally got the smile that I have always wanted!" - Katie Bradley

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