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The Dental Spa leads the way in the art of removable partial dentures: The Branson Bar! Previously, patients who could not afford or want implants had to suffer with partial dentures, an ugly wire appliance that grabbed onto the remaining teeth, covering the patient’s upper palate or had a large irritating bar on the lower.  The appliance often would move around and cause severe tissue irritation that required constant adjustment.
The Branson Bar, only found at the Dental Spa, simply solves all the problems of the partial denture:

  • No Implants
  • No Metal Clasps
  • No Movement to cause Irritation
  • No Coverage of the Upper Palate
  • No Metal Bar on the Lower Palate

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"I’d like to thank you for your excellent care of me when I came in for the new filling....." - Jennifer Loving

"Thank you for the excellent care you provide. I will remember you very specially in my prayers for your goodness to me." - Sister Maria Benedetta

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new smile. You did a wonderful job. I finally got the smile that I have always wanted!" - Katie Bradley

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