Teeth Whitening: How It Works and What It Costs

Teeth Whitening: How It Works and What It Costs

Oct 21, 2022

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a popular process sought after by many globally to brighten discolored teeth from various conditions like aging, infections, injuries, and practices like having pigmented foods and beverages or smoking, which leave stains on the teeth to impact smiles.

You are sadly mistaken if you think you can whiten teeth merely by cleaning them appropriately. Irrespective of how well you clean your teeth, they accumulate stains for the reasons mentioned above to make them appear ungainly and impact your smile. To overcome the problem, you must invest in teeth whitening treatments to make them appear brighter than they are to allow you to smile without raising your palms.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a therapy offered by the dentist in Bryn Mawr to whiten your teeth by removing extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains affect the tooth enamel, the hard outer surface of your teeth, while intrinsic stains affect the soft dentin beneath.

Extrinsic stains are comfortably removable using whitening toothpaste over a period. However, if you want instant results for a special event, you will find it beneficial to obtain the treatment from teeth whitening in Bryn Mawr from a qualified dentist.

You can also find many teeth whitening treatments available in drugstores and supermarkets. While most are safe to use under the supervision of a dentist and following the product’s instructions, over-the-counter remedies rarely offer instant results. At best, the results they deliver are meek and become visible only after weeks or months of use. Therefore if you want your teeth whitened instantly, you benefit by visiting the Bryn Mawr dentist for a short appointment lasting approximately 90 minutes but enabling you to walk out of the dentist’s office with a brighter smile.

Teeth whitening treatments from the Bryn Mawr dentist will likely cost approximately $ 650 for one session. Over-the-counter remedies cost below $ 100, making you wonder which option you must choose. However, as described, if you want instant results, you won’t find a better choice than visiting the dentist to whiten your teeth.

How does Teeth Whitening Benefits You?

If discolored teeth prevented you from smiling before your friends or family members, the whitening treatment from dentists would make you confident to show off your smile without raising your palms. In addition, the treatment enhances your self-confidence to make you appear like an outgoing individual who is unafraid to welcome people by smiling from ear to ear.

Your teeth can also discolor from plaque and tartar buildup that constantly forms on your teeth, making you a victim of dental infections requiring frequent treatments to correct them. However, when you receive teeth whitening from the cosmetic dentist Bryn Mawr the professional cleans your teeth to remove the amassed plaque and tartar before proceeding with the whitening treatment. The cleaning by the dentist confirms you are not affected by any dental conditions enabling the professional to move with the whitening therapy that guarantees improvements to the color of your teeth by three to eight shades.

The Uniqueness of Whitening Treatments from Dentists

Whitening treatments from dentists are unique because the professionals do not merely whiten the surface of your teeth but also the dentin. The whitening ingredients dentists use is concentrated hydrogen peroxide that penetrates through your enamel even to whiten the dentin having a yellowish appearance. The treatment requires approximately one hour with the whitening ingredient applied over your teeth and accelerated using heat and light. The therapy is comfortable and painless, requiring no anesthesia, and most importantly, it is safe because a qualified dentist supervises the treatment. At the end of one hour, you also receive a fluoride treatment to battle against cavities for the next several months and prevent tooth sensitivity from the whitening ingredients.

Teeth whitening treatments do not offer permanent results and merely whiten your teeth for six months to three years because your teeth start accumulating stains soon after receiving the whitening treatment. Therefore the Bryn Mawr dentist recommends you limit having colored foods and beverages or brush your teeth after having such foods, and using straws when drinking colored liquids like coffee, tea, red wine, et cetera. The preventive measures help you retain your smile with a brighter shade longer and do not need frequent whitening treatments at high prices.

Besides the above, you must also ensure you brush and floss your teeth as recommended by the dentist and get six monthly dental prophylaxis to prevent plaque and tartar from discoloring your teeth. If discolored teeth stop you from smiling, teeth whitening treatments from The Dental Spa — Main Line enables you to show off your smile without fear or embarrassment to anyone around you. Therefore if you have teeth discoloration, please schedule an appointment with this practice to have your teeth whitened and receive instant results.

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