The Best Electric Toothbrush, According to Top Dentists

The Best Electric Toothbrush, According to Top Dentists

Jun 19, 2019

For many years, the best Cosmetic dentists in Philadelphia have been talking about the benefits of electric toothbrushes over manual brushes. Let’s explore some of the best electric toothbrushes recommended by cosmetic dentists in Philly.

Top dentists agree on only one thing

While there may be some disagreement about the best brand of toothbrush, cosmetic dentists in Philadelphia all agree that the best brush is an electric brush. Electric brushes allow the bristles to reach areas that you may miss manually.

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

The Sonicare toothbrush is great because it disrupts the cell membranes of bacteria in the mouth and keeps them from forming. This means plaque is destroyed when using this brush.

Philips Sonicare Essence

This brush has a timer and the oval head of the brush attachment is great for reaching area sin the mouth that are difficult to reach, such as in the back of the mouth.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

The DiamondClean works very well and can even be used to make recommendations on where you should focus in the mouth when brushing.

Crest’s Oral-B

Crest brought out this brush that also has a timer feature and is used to target each are of the mouth for an even amount of time, ensuring that you brush completely.

Oral B Genius Pro 8000

This brush has colors that allow you to personalize it and also comes equipped with Bluetooth so that you can track your brushing habits on an app on your smartphone.

Oral B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000

If you’re looking for a powerful toothbrush, then this is the one for you. It can synchronize with a timer that tracks your habits and even lets you know to replace the brush.

Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Rechargeable

The pro 1000 has a rotating head along with soft bristles, a sensor that senses pressure when brushing, and a timer that pulses in your hand.

Sonicare vs. Oral-B

Sonicare and Oral-B both have amazing toothbrushes that are highly efficient at getting rid of plaque and keeping teeth clean, so either brand is recommended. Rotadent and GO SMILE are also recommended for brighter and cleaner teeth.

Best Toothbrush for Kids

The best toothbrush for kids is one that gently cleans teeth and appeals to your child, encouraging good brushing habits.

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