The Difference Between Dental Crowns and Fixed Bridges

The Difference Between Dental Crowns and Fixed Bridges

Dec 01, 2020

If you have one or several teeth missing, dental crowns and bridges are excellent solutions to replace them. Crowns and bridges use prosthetic devices to give you back your lost smile. Dentists offer a dental crown in Philadelphia if you have a damaged or fractured tooth. However, if your situation is concerning because you have lost a tooth, fixed bridges are offered by the dentist in Philadelphia.

Dental crowns are beneficial for encasing a fractured or damaged tooth from extensive decay or root canal treatments. A crown rests on your existing tooth to provide strength, functionality, and aesthetic appearance that you may have lost because of the damages.

Fixed Bridges an entirely different because they are useful for replacing one or more missing teeth in your mouth. They function similarly as crowns because they bridge gaps in your smile while providing you the abilities you lost with your teeth. Let us look at the differences between the two.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is an artificial tooth made from porcelain or ceramic. The most significant aspect of a crown is that it is customized according to your needs. The color and texture of the crown are matched to your existing teeth. Some varieties of crowns used gold alloys during the fabrication to improve its strength.

Crowns are chosen by cosmetic dentists in Philadelphia, PA, when you have an existing tooth with chips, fractures, or cracks. If you need a dental crown, your tooth is filed down to reshape it into a smaller size. Any tooth decay present is removed from the surface, and the structure is restored to ensure it can support the crown. After that, the placement of the crown happens when it is cemented in its position. The crown acts as a cap over the freshly shaped tooth to improve its strength and functionality.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are prosthetic appliances used for treating patients with missing teeth. You can also benefit from bridges because they are made from porcelain and fused to metal to improve your chewing ability and the appearance of your teeth.

Dental bridges consist of artificial teeth firmly bonded between two crowns. The teeth on both sides of the gap are initially prepared by filing down to ensure the dental bridge is easily attachable. In some instances, dental implants are useful for replacing the missing teeth instead of the existing teeth. After a bridge is bonded in position, its functionality is similar to your natural teeth.

Which Option Is Best Suited for Your Requirements?

If you are affected by any of the situations mentioned above, you may be confused about whether you should have a dental crown or a bridge. Instead of letting confusions prevail in your mind, the better option for you would be to visit the dentist in Philadelphia for consultations. The experience and expertise of the dentist will undoubtedly help you overcome any misconceptions you have in your mind with the utmost ease.

The Philadelphia dentist provides top-quality dental bridges and crowns as needed by your specific situation. You can even avail same day restorations if you require crowns to encase damaged or fractured teeth.

Generally, the dental crown procedure requires multiple visits to the dentist’s office spanning over three to four weeks. Temporary crowns cover your teeth after filing them down. Maintaining the temporary crowns until your permanent restorations are ready is a challenge you will have to overcome. When your permanent repairs are returned by the dental laboratory, the dentist removes the temporary replacements to give you your permanent restorations.

However, if you prefer to have the procedure completed in one visit, it is now possible because this dentist has invested in the same day crown procedure. This procedure eliminates the need for temporary restorations and multiple visits to the dentist’s office. Your crown placement is over in a couple of hours, leaving you free to walk away with restored teeth.

The dental bridge procedure also requires multiple visits to the dentist’s office, especially if you want to have artificial teeth that appear natural and function similarly. Unfortunately, your dental bridge is customized at a dental laboratory, and therefore you must wait for some time until the bridge is ready.

Whether you are suitable for dental crowns or bridges will depend on the situation you face. Consult with the dentist suggested in this article to receive the best advice on the type of restoration you can have on your teeth.

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