The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Sep 11, 2018

We all do our best to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. After all, not only does it function well and look good, but having a bright, fresh smile can boost our confidence and our mood. You may have a strict oral care routine, with diligent flossing and brushing, but if you’re not getting a dental cleaning regularly, you’re not doing all you can for your smile. It’s recommended that you visit your cosmetic dentist in Philly twice a year (approximately every six months) for a cleaning and exam. The professionals at The Dental Spa are available in Philadelphia to help take care of this important treatment. Here are a few ways that a regular cleaning can benefit your smile.

Prevent gum disease

If oral care habits are lax and brushing and flossing do not take place regularly, or are done improperly, harmful substances like plaque and tartar will remain on the teeth and gums. The bacteria contained in plaque can attack the gums, causing them to become swollen and start to bleed. If not addressed promptly, gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss. Regular dental checkups can catch the disease early and prevent this.

Maintain a bright and perfect smile

Your home care practices may be doing some unintentional harm to your smile. By making regular visits to your dentist, you have an opportunity to get your pearly whites polished as well as get reeducated on good oral hygiene habits.

Prevent bad breath

Tartar and plaque buildup not only lead to gum disease and cavities, but can also cause bad breath. When the cause of your bad breath is these harmful substances in the mouth rather than something pungent that you’ve eaten, breath mints and mouth rinses will not be of much help. Regular cleanings with the best cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia get rid of this buildup to prevent bad breath.

Detect dental problems early

If you have developed a dental issue like gum disease, you may not notice any problems until it has progressed to a more serious stage. By visiting your cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia regularly for a cleaning and exam, you’ll be able to get these issues detected and treated early, saving you time and money.

To achieve the healthiest and most attractive smile you can, be sure to visit The Dental Spa in Philadelphia regularly for a cleaning and exam.

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