The Top Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The Top Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Philadelphia

Jun 01, 2020

Your teeth best perform oral functions when they’re well-aligned along the jawline. You will experience a number of problems with crowded or misaligned teeth such as improper bites, which lead to wearing out or dislodging of affected teeth. Not well-placed teeth also affect your outward appearance and might ruin your smile, lowering your sense of esteem.

That’s why orthodontic treatments such as root canals, crowns, tooth extractions, and drilling are used to correct these defects and give you a whole new appearance. Although it’s a restorative form of treatment, many view orthodontics as a preventative measure too.

Are Orthodontists different from Regular Dentists?

Orthodontists are just like regular dentists, but they undertake an extra two-three year course where they specialize in the skill of improving smiles and correcting tooth defects. Their additional post-dental learning helps them perfect skills in dental issues involving jaws and how they relate to teeth.

When visiting an orthodontist, you will notice that they work alongside general dentists. General dentists help them deal with dental issues like toothaches, tooth cleanings, fillings, and other problems not involving the jawline.

With their specialty, orthodontists have the task of creating perfect smiles from scratch and correcting bites. This is an area general dentists don’t have expertise on, although they at times partake minor orthodontic tasks.

Who Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

At The Dental Spa, cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia orthodontic treatments engage patients with a wide range of dental deformities. If you exhibit a crooked jawline or issues involving crowded and impacted teeth, then orthodontic treatment is the surest remedy.

Orthodontic therapies such as braces and tooth aligners are used in the case where the patient has front tooth protrusion. Invisalign® and Clear Correct® are some of the sure ways of correcting misshaped dental. Orthodontic dentistry has for been identifies with teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that adults too don’t need these therapies.

An orthodontist is the right expert in dealing with congenitally missing teeth, which mostly occur among adults. Present-day dentistry incorporates many options for adult treatment, which typically involves clear aligners and cosmetic braces. It’s also easier to treat adult patients because the majority of the problems are mostly accidental or due to injury, not dental defects.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontics?

These are some of the top benefits that come with orthodontics:

Improved Appearance

This is undoubtedly the most direct benefit you revel in after successful orthodontic treatment. You will notice a spike in confidence after a smile restoration appointment with your doctor. Other benefits that come along with this are an improvement in your mental and emotional state, which in turn improves your overall health.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Crowded and improperly aligned teeth create an environment that may lead to the development of other infections such as periodontal disease. After orthodontic treatment, you are in a better position to brush and floss your teeth since they are in good shape. The chance of food lodging between teeth is minimized after a tooth straightening procedure.

Better Oral Function

Considering the importance of the jaw in your dentin, our dentists suggest an orthodontic treatment if you have chewing problems, improper bites, and conditions such as sleep apnea. After a jawline treatment or tooth straightening procedure, your improper bite is effectively corrected. It alleviates any pain you experienced while chewing and head migraines.

Prevents Gum Damage

Protruding teeth in the lower jaw, for instance, might damage the gum line adjacent in the upper with a deep bite. This is uncomfortable to the individual just as it is dangerous, as it might lead to tooth wear and bleeding gums, and later periodontitis.

In the case of congenitally missing teeth, you might bite down on the exposed gum causing substantial damage

Better Speech

You might notice speech difficulties if you have crooked teeth and other alignment problems. While this can be rather distressing and uncomfortable, our orthodontists will please to perform procedures to correct your defect.

Protecting Teeth

When alignment problems are detected early enough when the patient is toddler young, intervention at this age controls the growth of their jaws, so there is enough space for incoming teeth. We recommend an orthodontist evaluation for your kid before they attain age 7. This eliminates the possibility of tooth extraction or jaw surgeries later in life.

Final Verdict

It’s clear that orthodontic treatment is not just to create smiles. It comes with more benefits such as better social acceptance, protecting teeth, jaw corrections, and a better general and oral health. We recommend Invisalign treatment and clear aligners if the patient is concerned about the color of the braces. This is especially with adult patients.

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