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What Are Mini Dental Implants And How Do They Traditional Implants Differ From Implants?

Just because something is referred to as “mini” does it mean it is not good? This is perfectly true with mini dental implants because they are a great alternative if you are considering traditional dental implants. Assuming that the dental office near me may not have these implants would be natural for you. You would, therefore, consider visiting the best cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia for a consultation. However, it is suggested that most dentists are using these implants when they need a smaller than average implant to fit into extra narrow spaces. Many times you may observe mini-implants used as alternatives for incisors for people with smaller teeth.

When Mini Implants Are Preferred?

Mini dental implants are reserved exclusively for specific cases. You do not have the flexibility of choosing these implants simply because you like the idea of smaller implants in your mouth. Generally, the best cosmetic dentist Philadelphia will recommend using mini implants in the following situations.

  • You have small teeth.
  • You need replacements for front teeth.
  • Replacements for premolars.
  • Your teeth are located in a narrow space.

These implants are more secure than adhesives and are preferred by dentists as a type of dental prosthesis. Additional security provides more comfort and the ability to use the tooth naturally.

How Tiny Are Mini Implants?

You would be shocked to note these implants are extremely tiny. They are just about the same size as a traditional implant and are a great option especially if you have lost bone and a better option than the traditional variety. The dentist Philadelphia PA will provide all information on this variety when you have a consultation with him or her for the implants you need.

The Contrasts Separating Mini Implants And the Traditional Variety

If you are a candidate for getting implants in your mouth you may as well note the differences between the traditional variety as well as mini implants. Let us give you some information on how they differ between each other.

Traditional Dental Implants

A traditional dental implant comprises of two pieces with an external screw inserted into the bone with a diameter greater than 3 MM. The implant also contains threads that are compatible with different types of dentures. The multi-use feature is considered as the best by dental implant professionals.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are available in one solid piece that is screwed into the bone with a diameter lower than 3 MM. The top of this device has a ball-shaped protrusion that supports dentures. Generally, dentures have a rubber O-ring that can slide over the ball-shaped part.

What Is The Duration of Mini Implants?

The lifespan of mini implants depends on several factors some of which are mentioned below:

  • Bone diseases or osteoporosis.
  • Lack of care for the implants.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Smoking.
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The dentist offering mini-implants Philadelphia PA will advise patients that every mouth is different and people who have implants placed in their mouth may experience different lengths of longevity in the placements. Therefore people are suggested not to have a fixed lifespan for the implants in their mouth because many factors need to be considered while mentioning the lifespan.

The Primary Differences Between Mini Implants And Traditional Implants

Mini dental implants are about half the size in diameter of a traditional implant indicating that it will take a couple of mini implants to provide the support of one traditional implant. However, in some cases, it may be a requirement if you are having a single tooth implant in a tiny space.

The lifespan of traditional implants is generally longer because they are in a better position to distribute the weight of the denture. Unfortunately on many occasions, mini implants become a necessity because the traditional implant is just too large to be fitted in the tiny space.

The Costs of Mini Implants

The average cost of a mini dental implant can be in the region of $500-$1500 which is inexpensive when compared to traditional implants that would normally cost between $4000-$5000. Therefore, besides being a tinier alternative to traditional implants they are also a cost-effective option which you can consider as you discuss the procedure of having them inserted with the best cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

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