What Are Porcelain Veneers: Do They Damage Your Teeth

What Are Porcelain Veneers: Do They Damage Your Teeth

Oct 01, 2022

Porcelain veneers are slimy shells customized to fit over your top front eight teeth to help cover the damage they might have incurred from chips, breaks, other injuries, or simple overuse from everyday life. Dentists customize these shells to match the color of your natural teeth when giving you the perfect smile you desire.

You can also find alternatives to porcelain veneers that are designed and color matched to the shade of your teeth. However, while appearing natural, the other options do not have the durability or the light reflecting properties of porcelain much better than the features of alternative veneer types. If you are considering veneers for your dental flaws, you might want to understand the process for getting these shells over your teeth because of their popularity and the claim that porcelain veneers give you the Hollywood smile.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are tooth surfaces customized from slimy sheets of dental-grade porcelain to fit over the front surface of your teeth in the aesthetic zone. These surfaces are bonded to your teeth to enhance their appearance and your smile, making you appear self-confident and outgoing.

When considering porcelain veneers for your teeth, you might hear these shells are expensive and will damage your teeth before they are bonded onto them. Unfortunately, while information about the costs of the veneer is genuine, the myth of the surfaces damaging your teeth is merely a myth. Therefore if you desperately want to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile, you must discuss your apprehensions with an experienced cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia instead of talking about porcelain veneers to every passerby.

How Are Porcelain Veneers Used?

Many celebrities use porcelain veneers to give their teeth a symmetrical appearance and a perfect smile. Perhaps celebrities use six to eight shells over their front teeth to benefit from an ideal appearance. However, as we mentioned earlier, porcelain veneers cost around $ 2500 per tooth; you might find it prohibitive to have over all your front teeth. However, if you have a couple of damaged teeth impacting your smile, the Philadelphia cosmetic dentist can customize these beautiful shells to enhance their appearance to improve your smile. Therefore how many surfaces you want over your teeth is entirely your discretion.

Veneers are used by most people to cover dental flaws such as chips, cracks, discolored teeth from infections, gaps between teeth, and broken or damaged teeth. However, if you have similar flaws, you can consider this fantastic and durable option to protect your teeth from additional damage using porcelain veneers.

Will Porcelain Veneers Damage Your Teeth?

When you contact the dentist in Philadelphia to make cosmetic enhancements to the appearance of your teeth, you might express fears when you hear about the cosmetic porcelain veneer process that requires tooth enamel removal to accommodate these shells over your teeth. In addition, you might express apprehensions about the process and wonder whether making aesthetic improvements will damage your teeth forever.

Porcelain veneers in Philadelphia, PA, will not cause any harm to your teeth because the Philadelphia cosmetic dentist has plenty of experience and does not offer them unless they examine your teeth to confirm the health of your teeth and gums are optimal. In addition, if you have any infections, they offer treatments before confirming your candidature for porcelain veneers.

After your teeth are healthy, the cosmetic dentist proceeds with the teeth preparation process by giving you local anesthesia to manage discomfort during the enamel removal. The removal is essential to ensure the customized shells created for your teeth adhere securely to the targeted tooth and remains over it for over two decades. Although the enamel removal weakens your teeth slightly, the porcelain shells you receive over the tooth will strengthen it, making it stronger than earlier.

For example, don’t you think the porcelain surface protects the tooth better if you have a cracked tooth covered by a veneer instead of merely filling it? We are confident you also feel similarly and will confidently proceed with the procedure to get porcelain veneers over your teeth.

If cracked or damaged teeth need frequent repairs from dentists, porcelain veneers provide you an option to receive a durable solution for your affected teeth that merely requires some investment initially to give you a lasting remedy that won’t require repeat visits to dentists for further repairs unless you manage to damage them like your natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers are excellent surfaces to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile and offer your teeth the protection it lacks from the damages incurred. The shells also strengthen your teeth instead of damaging them after they are bonded to the teeth with special dental cement by the Philadelphia cosmetic dentist.

If you are convinced that porcelain veneers do much more than merely make superficial changes to your smile, we suggest you contact The Dental Spa — Philadelphia to consult about these surfaces and receive them as soon as possible without apprehensions of any kind.

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