What Are the Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

What Are the Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Aug 21, 2022

With people increasingly caring for their overall well-being and significant advances in cosmetic dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry has gained immense popularity to become more effective. Whether you want to replace a tooth or get a complete smile makeover, there are many cosmetic dental procedures that you can consider.


Cosmetic dentistry near you might offer dental procedures to boost your smile if the fixing you need with your teeth involves aligning crooked, misshapen, or uneven teeth and replacing missing teeth. In addition, if your teeth are stained, the practice can offer you teeth whitening treatments or fix minor gaps between your teeth with tooth bonding and repair your chipped and worn teeth.


Cosmetic dentists do not offer any treatments without initially examining your teeth to determine your unique requirements. However, if you want to enhance your smile, given below are some cosmetic dental procedures you can get at cosmetic dentistry Bryn Mawr.


Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures


Dental Veneers


Porcelain veneers are thin shells fitting over the top front eight teeth to enhance the appearance of your smile. After a thorough examination, the veneers are customized for your teeth in a dental laboratory. You must schedule two visits with the dentist in Bryn Mawr spanning across three weeks to receive your personalized surfaces.


The dentist numbs the targeted tooth during your first visit and files it down from the tops and sides to accommodate the customized shell. The dentist also impressions your teeth for the dental laboratory to custom create your veneers. You get the dental veneers on your teeth during your second appointment to give you the beautiful smile you desire. Porcelain veneers last for over 20 years with proper dental hygiene to provide you with a stable smile enhancement.


Porcelain Crowns


Cosmetic dentists restore damaged and decayed teeth in a couple of visits to their practice. They provide porcelain dental crowns to encase the damaged or decayed tooth. The procedure for getting crowns is similar to getting veneers and requires two visits to the dentist. However, you get a permanent replacement for your natural tooth after the Crown is customized for your mouth. Porcelain crowns are an attractive option because they appear and function like your natural tooth.


Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening is the most favored cosmetic dental procedure many people seek. The whitening treatment delivers instant results and helps remove extrinsic and intrinsic stains on the teeth by bleaching them in a process lasting approximately 90 minutes. The whitening treatment does not require multiple visits to the dentist because the dental practice completes the procedure in one appointment. You can also request at-home teeth whitening trays with bleaching gel to continue maintaining the results of the treatment you received in office at the dentist’s office.


Dental Bonding


If you have minor imperfections with your teeth, such as chips, cracks, gaps between your teeth, or uneven teeth, you might think your smile doesn’t appear pleasing and look for a conservative and inexpensive procedure to improve their appearance.


Cosmetic dentistry can offer you dental bonding to fix your dental imperfections in a single visit to the dental practice without making you liable for high costs. The dental bonding procedure uses composite resin over your teeth and hardens it with ultraviolet light. The treatment requires 30 to 60 minutes per tooth and costs merely $ 300-$ 600. However, the composite resin brightens your teeth while concealing the imperfections affecting them and allowing you to smile graciously.


Inlays and Onlays


You might have heard about dental fillings placed by dentists in the office for cavities. However, have you heard about inlays and Onlays that are similar to dental fillers but are known as indirect fillings because they are customized for your teeth in a dental laboratory?


If you have an extensive cavity on your tooth, inlays can help restore it if the cavity is not affecting the biting surface of the tooth. Alternatively, if you have extensive damage to the chewing surface of the tooth, the dentist recommends an onlay to restore your tooth. The procedure for getting inlays and Onlays is similar to getting dental fillings. However, as the restorations are customized in a dental laboratory and made from porcelain or resin and remain with you longer than conventional dental fillings.


If you think dental imperfections impact your smile, there is no reason for you to continue remaining concerned about the problem. Instead, if you visit The Dental Spa — Mainline, you receive a convenient solution to enhance the looks of your teeth and smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures.



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