What works? What doesn’t?

What works? What doesn’t?

Jul 01, 2019

There are a lot of myths about teeth whitening on the internet and they come with many questions. Below are the questions and answers from a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia on how teeth whitening can affect your oral health.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

The reason for yellow teeth is the outside layer of enamel is a yellowy core called dentin. Intake of acidic foods and genetics makes the teeth more yellow. Stains can be removed with regular brushing or visit to a dentist.

There are two methods that whiten teeth

Teeth whitening can be achieved in two different ways:

  • Use bleaching products
  • Abrasive methods that remove the superficial stains

But only one should be considered

In method 1, chemicals are used which are not only very effective and long lasting but if done correctly can be less damaging.

Abrasive based whitening work on surface stains and does not do anything to affect your dentin. If used incorrectly, enamel can be damaged.

Should I use whitening toothpaste? (No)

The best dentist in Philadelphia will not recommend any type of whitening toothpaste as they very little effect. If rubbed harder on teeth, it can be damaging and no effect.

Should I use whitening strips?

Bleaching products contain chemicals which can have side effects like tooth sensitivity. Dentist suggests using custom whitening trays instead of strips to avoid contact with your gums.

Can I just use hydrogen peroxide at home?

Hydrogen Peroxide doesn’t work and when comes into contact with the tissues causes free radical reactions.

What about natural whitening remedies?

Natural remedies do not work and can poorly affect your dental health or cause permanent damage to your teeth.

Should I have my teeth professionally whitened?

Many professional whitening uses hydrogen peroxide with light or laser to speed up the whitening process. There is no long-term benefit with these light-activated systems.

So what’s the safest way to whiten my teeth?

The safest way to whiten your smile using bleaching products is to use whitening strips or gel from a cosmetic dentist in Philly. To achieve a whiter smile simply take consistent preventative care of your teeth.

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