Why Are Dental Fillings So Important?

Why Are Dental Fillings So Important?

Jun 21, 2022

Dental fillings play a vital role in preventing the spread of infections by restoring the strength, structure, and functionality of teeth. With the number of people losing a tooth to infection and decay rising every year, it’s important we highlight the importance of getting dental fillings.

What Are Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are treatments meant for restoring the strength, structure, and functionality of a damaged tooth. Your dentist will likely recommend a dental filling if your tooth is damaged by cavities.

Types of Dental Fillings

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are fillings made entirely of gold. They are durable since they can last for up to 15 years or longer, depending on how they are used and cared for.

In most cases, your dentist will recommend dental fillings if your back-ended teeth need restoring. This is because gold fillings are strong enough to withstand the pressure molars are usually subjected to when chewing food.

It’s important to note that we cannot place gold fillings next to silver amalgams since they can interact and come in contact with saliva, causing a sharp pain known as galvanic shock.

Although there are many advantages to having gold fillings, some patients don’t find them attractive because they don’t look natural. In addition, gold fillings take more than one dental visit to be installed and cost more than other filling materials.

Silver Fillings (Amalgams)

Silver fillings are not made entirely of silver but rather contain a mixture of silver, tin, zinc, mercury, and copper metal. They are very strong and durable and thus will last for more than 15 years with good aftercare. A Bryn Mawr dentist will recommend amalgams to patients with damaged molars because of their strength and unattractive appearance.

Despite its poor aesthetics, silver fillings are a good option for teeth restoration. Patients can easily get amalgams since they are relatively cheaper than gold fillings and offer the same benefits. However, it would be best to inform your dentist of any allergic reactions you have since the mercury found inside amalgams may trigger them.

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin is a natural-looking material that can be painted to match the shade of your natural teeth. Its resemblance to natural teeth makes it a suitable filling material for patients looking to restore their front teeth. In addition, a composite filling can provide additional structural support to a damaged tooth by chemically bonding to the tooth’s structure.

The main disadvantage of composite fillings is that they are not as durable as other filling materials and not suitable for chewing. They also tend to wear out sooner and will last for about 5-7 years before needing to be replaced.

Porcelain Fillings (Ceramics)

Dental fillings made entirely from porcelain are more durable and resistant to staining than composite resin. Ceramic fillings are long-lasting and will serve you for up to 15 years with good aftercare. The downside of porcelain fillings is that they are expensive and can cost as much as gold fillings.

Before the Procedure

Your cosmetic dentist in Bryn Mawr will first have to examine your damaged tooth to determine if it’s suitable for a dental filling.

Using a small mirror, your dentist will look for any abnormalities inside your tooth. This can be a crack, cavity, or even discoloration.

When done, we will take an x-ray of your teeth to ensure there are no structural damages that went unnoticed during the inspection.

If we find something wrong during the checkup, we’ll recommend a suitable treatment for your dental imperfections.

Why Dental Fillings Are Important

Prevent Damage Caused by Decay

The chances of losing a tooth are higher among patients with tooth cavities. If you ignore a dental problem during its early stages, it can spread and destroy the structure and enamel of your teeth. By getting tooth fillings in Philadelphia, PA, immediately you start noticing dental carries, you can prevent dental loss caused by decay.

Improve Your Smile

The best thing about dental fillings is that it has many filling materials to choose from. If the sole purpose of undergoing a tooth filling procedure is to improve the appearance of your teeth, we can recommend porcelain or resin fillings. Porcelain fillings are better since they are stronger and more durable than composite resin.

Relieve Dental Pain and Discomfort

When your tooth gets damaged, it can cause severe dental pain and discomfort. Furthermore, damage to the tooth structure may result in tooth sensitivity when taking hot or cold food and beverages. To save you from experiencing prolonged dental pain, we recommend a tooth-filling procedure. You can work, talk, drink and eat better after restoring your teeth.

Protect Your Teeth From Infection

An infection can occur if the bacteria inside your mouth enters the tooth pulp. Once your pulp is infected, your teeth can start to die and fall out on their own. Furthermore, the infection can spread to other parts of your body and cause severe diseases.


Dental fillings come in different varieties, each guaranteed to meet your dental needs. Since there are numerous benefits to getting a dental filling, we don’t see why you should delay treatment. So visit The Dental Spa Main Line today and enjoy the benefits of strong, healthy, and attractive teeth. We use state-of-the-art technology to offer comfortable and precise treatment to all our patients.

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