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Dr. Kay, Dr. Berson and Dr Yaffe know that each patient’s ability to resist disease is as unique as their smile. Should you have periodontal disease, our on-staff periodontist will work to create a treatment plan for healthier gums. Not only will periodontal treatment help prevent tooth loss, but it will also protect your investment in your smile restorations: crowns, veneers, implants, bridges and whitening procedures.

Many people have gum disease without symptoms. Regular periodontal exams and dental cleanings are critical in maintaining healthy gums. During your exam, Dr. Kay, Dr. Yaffe or Dr. Berson will inspect the color and firmness of your gums. Your teeth will be evaluated and tested for any looseness. Your bite will also be examined and checked. Then a small dental measuring instrument will be gently inserted between the tooth and your gum to measure the depth of your pockets. The normal depth for pockets is 1-3 millimeters. X-rays may be taken at times to evaluate any changes in your bone supporting your teeth.

Our on-site periodontist can work conveniently and efficiently with our dentists to quickly restore your dental health.

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"I’d like to thank you for your excellent care of me when I came in for the new filling....." - Jennifer Loving

"Thank you for the excellent care you provide. I will remember you very specially in my prayers for your goodness to me." - Sister Maria Benedetta

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new smile. You did a wonderful job. I finally got the smile that I have always wanted!" - Katie Bradley

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